BMX Bruno

Don’t let the diminuitive frame of Bruno Nemedi fool you. He looks like your average 10-year-old but he’s got a drive and hunger for BMX that’s beyond his years and stature.

It’s already taken him to the international stage, having just competed at his first ever World Championships in Belguim.

The softly spoken son of Hungarian immigrants has wowed judges of the sport, with his coach and former Olympic rider Kurt Pickard labelling him a “one in ten years” talent.

In this story, Bruno explains how he fuels his passion and the lengths he goes to for an extra edge, even at the risk of defying his mother.

Witness first hand the bravery it takes to get back on the bike after a bonejarring crash and get your first look at a young athlete who could well be the next big thing on two wheels in New Zealand sport.


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