Knocking Out Stereotypes

A few years ago, women playing sport considered the domain of men found it hard to get recognition in New Zealand.  The explosion of popularity of our women’s rugby, sevens and league players have given rise to a new level of understanding and appreciation of their athleticism.

But one sport is still considered taboo to some – the violent and increasingly polarising world of boxing.

Two Tauranga based women are fighting against that stance and carving a reputation as some of the toughest women in the country inside the ring.

Ariane Nicholson knows a thing or two about stereotypes. By day, she’s a bubbly and high energy hairdresser but at night, her self-proclaimed “alter-ego” comes to life as one of the rising stars of the national amateur boxing scene.

Along with team-mate Michelle Nuku, they’re used to the sideways glances when people find out what they do with their evenings, but they won’t let the judgement define them.

The pugilistic pair have had their first taste of international competition and they’ve set their sights on earning a place in the 2022 Commonwealth Games team.

Knocking down barriers just comes with the territory to chasing your dream.


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