Media Ready Content

QUBR is an extension of your newsroom. Get thumb-stopping content to keep your channels moving.

Will you use it?  You already are.  QUBR provides high quality content to media here and overseas.

You now have the dream team in Tauranga. We can cover the central North Island fast.

QUBR makes your job easy.  Not only can we film your footage, we’ll get you an edited story, overlay, grabs, photography and a script.

Tell us what you want.  If we have content that aligns with your organisation, you’ll be offered it exclusively.  You’ll then have 6 hours to use, 6 hours to choose.

Or, you’ll be notified when we drop fresh QUBR Made stories on our website. Access them with ease.

View. Download. Post. Simple.

Our media services include:

  • Ready to run, online content
  • Edited video packages (mixed and clean)
  • Written copy for digital, broadcast and print
  • Audio for radio
  • Photography
  • Social media content
  • Podcasts
  • In-depth interviews and weekly chats
  • Drone vision
  • Event highlight packages
  • Infographics

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