Media Training

Our media training programme is current, realistic and challenging.  Workshops are run by experienced journalists. We’ll build your confidence and give you a solid foundation to communicate effectively with the media.

With QUBR media training you will learn how you can work with media, not against them. Understand what’s behind editorial decisions and why timeframes are tight.

Whether you are appearing on television, being interviewed on radio or for print, or just want to be prepared, QUBR provides the advice and support you need.

Visit us here in Tauranga or we can come to you, throughout NZ and beyond.

Media training packages include:

  • Tailored media training workshops (individual or group)
  • Practical scenario exercises
  • Recorded interviews and critique
  • Guidance and constructive feedback
  • Detailed analysis following training
  • Take-away presentations
  • Video footage of training workshop
  • Refresher courses
  • Phone sessions for short, sharp advice
  • Ongoing support